Our Story


July 7th 2016. This is the day we were married and became this crazy blended family. We wanted to share our story and hopefully help others who might be dealing with some of the same struggles we have had to endure. We have 3 children in total, two boys and one girl. 17 (J), 12… Continue reading 7-7-16

Just K's Thoughts, K's Lessons

Homework Wars

Why do children fight so hard against everything that is good for them? The little turds. As if I didn't have enough gray hair growing in. I had hoped to have a peaceful evening last night and maybe even some romance with R. We haven't had much time for us lately, the kids and life… Continue reading Homework Wars

Just R's Thoughts, Ups and Downs

The Phone Call

Every night I am supposed to be able to speak to the children J and V. I am glad to have this time to speak with the kids, but sad that it had to be court ordered before their mother would stop interfering or creating situations that would cause a problem. Even as it is… Continue reading The Phone Call

Just K's Thoughts, Ups and Downs

Evil Step-witch

Why is it that simple discipline makes you the bad guy? The evil step-witch or the abusive step-dad. Sometimes just the mean parent no step needed. These stereotypes cause so much havoc for blended families. In our case the children act like they expect everything to be lollipops and magic all the time. Of course,… Continue reading Evil Step-witch

Just K's Thoughts

Cat Fights

I was sitting here on the porch relaxing, enjoying the quiet this morning.  All of a sudden I hear some sort of screaming from a distance. At first I thought it was my neighbor's baby girl and I felt the deepest sympathy for T, (My neighbor). I began to pray for her intently because she… Continue reading Cat Fights

Ups and Downs

Being a Step-parent

There is a lot of disappointment that comes with being a step-parent. You have high hopes and expect that all will go so well. Reality is so much worse. This isn't always true though, there are many good times to think about when rough days sneak up and slap ya in the face. It's a… Continue reading Being a Step-parent